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Copy of Inspiration

Glowing galaxies, star clouds and celestial objects.
Laniakea – “Immeasurable Heaven” in Hawaiian –
is fascination for the outer space, it is the dream to explore the unknown
and the desire to go where no one has gone before. 
The collection is the result of a technical and crafted development
of the hammered dot texture signature of the brand.
Combining material organic elements and precious, natural gemstones with an aesthetic influenced by geometry and astrology,
Laniakea sets to blend a combination of dark and irregular surfaces with a colourful, at the time iridescent, palette.
Delicate diamonds as tiny points of lights, strong contrast with bold and solid forms related to the majesty of the universe. 

The rough and refined concepts dance together in this tale of shadow and light, science and magic, where reality and dreams become blurred.

A story of courage and action,
a story about a woman who is always changing and evolving.
Deeply inspired by the mystery of the sky and moonlit nights,
the Moon diary is a journey through the feminine universe
and its desire to expand and rise.
Rough hammered dot textures that recall the shifting lunar landscape are contrasted with polished surfaces creating an eclectic visual impact.
Bravery, sensuality, energy, and symbolism come to life in circular and triangular geometric shapes, blended with mother of pearl details and
natural freshwater pearls of different colours and sizes.

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