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SUPERNOVA Collier Gold Plated

Materials: solid 925 sterling silver, 3 micron 24 carat gold plating

Dimensions: total length 33 cm, diameter 0.5 cm. The gap on the back is 7 cm. One-size-fits-all, slightly adjustable.

Weight: 64 gr


The SUPERNOVA Collier is a wearable sculpture with a perfect balance of simplicity and edginess. It carries, more than any other piece in our collections, the skilful, meticulous and intense work of the artisan who made it. Only one between all the silversmiths we work with, is able to forged the SUPERNOVA Collier so beautifully as you can admire  - grateful for you Pak D., suksema!

Because of the hammered texture, which creates a beautiful contrast between matt and polished, this piece seems to vibrate and radiate energy on its own. Ended by two matt spheres. Wear it over a shirt or on your skin, with the opening part either in front or on the back. It sits nicely on the neck.


This piece was slowly handmade by artisan hands, it is blessed with little touches and every small imperfection makes it one of a kind.


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    Category: Choker, Necklace

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