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"I am not interested in creating adornments, rather meaningful objects with a story behind; which is my story and the story of those who choose to wear them. "

tredici.zerodue jewels is an independent label bound by Italian design and Indonesian craftsmanship.

Its inspiring purpose is to create a physical and emotional connection between us and the jewelry we consciously decide to wear, to highlight our identity through different pieces with their own character and story.

Made for seekers, lovers, and unconventional dreamers to be worn not simply as aesthetic details but as wearable symbols of what we want to manifest and declare.

Sketches are made on paper, after which the designs are discussed with craftsmen to ensure the creation of refined jewelry. Each piece is ethically created by local artisans, both men and women, who have been educated and passed on knowledge within their families for decades. Sources and quality of materials are controlled and every gemstones is selected by hand, one by one.

tredici.zerodue jewels uses always high quality 925 sterling silver, also as base metal to produce its 2 micron 24 carat gold plated pieces. So far we have been working with a wide range of precious and semi precious stones as freshwater pearls, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, tourmalines and opals. And we are now looking forward to testing new, unusual materials…

And this is me!

Hi, my name is Elena, founder and designer of tredici.zerodue jewels. In 2015, after travelling in many countries all around the world, I decided to quit my job in the Italian fashion industry and moved to Bali, the place I am grateful to call home. I started to draw the first sketches for tredici.zerodue in 2016 as a way of self expression. At that time I was experiencing a powerful, intense transition as human being, something beautiful which I want to share through my pieces.

My creations are very personal, I put a lot of my life in them. I like to think about jewels as containers of emotions, something vibrant and able to carry feelings, dreams, stories. Inspiration comes from movement, observation, concepts and from anything has a deep, true impact on me.

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