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tredici.zerodue jewels contain precious metals and natural stones.
As traditionally crafted creations - and so delicate - please take good care of them and treat them gently.
Below are a few important things you should know and keep in mind: 

  • Silver can tarnish due to regular wear and exposure to natural elements. You can remove the tarnish and restore its shiny luster using a polishing cloth or you can appreciate the natural look it will get while aging as a distinctive characteristic;
  • Plating is a layer of metal applied on the silver surface. Over time, the plating will start to fade and this is completely normal. To slow down this process, plated jewels should be worn on last as a finishing touch to an outfit and released at the earliest. They should not be worn in swimming pools, sea or while bathing and they should not get in contact with make up, perfumes, body lotion, hair sprays, hair dyes, sunscreens, detergents, disinfectants or any other chemicals. Plating can be restore any time. Contact us for a quotation or refer to a trusted jewelry store in your city;
  • Always store your jewels in the pouch they come in and keep them away from drastic temperatures and humidity.
  • Clean your jewels using a soft cloth to remove dirt. Consider to invest in a jewelry polishing cloth, easy to find online and perfect to use with all your collections of jewels; 
  • Please avoid wearing your jewels during activities that would expose them to risks. Jewels don't want to sleep, workout, wash dishes or groom your pet with you;
  • Please protect stones from impact against hard surfaces and avoid friction between them and other objects. The stones can chip or fall off if snagged on clothing or hit with enough force at just the right angle.

If something is not right with your jewel we do offer complimentary repair service!

Please note that an excessive quantity of scratches on the surface, a change in the jewel's shape, broken stones or damaged settings will be all clear signs of a lack of care and so we will repair your jewel just upon payment.

If you have any questions or doubt about jewelry care do not hesitate to send an email to