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Born from genuine designs through a solid collaboration between designer and artisans and truly handmade using traditional techniques. Here at tredici.zerodue jewels we have a slow fashion attitude and we believe in creating forever treasures with a sustainable practice.

But how we actually do so?

First of all we design timeless jewels, not influenced by trends, objects that become part of your style and you will love forever!

We are committed to produce locally, working with Indonesian manufacturers to keep their traditional craftsmanship alive, supporting the community we live in. At the same time, we are conscious about our production footprints and we do our very best to leave less of an environmental impact in getting our jewels to you.

To create while working towards a sustainable approach, our jewels are made in small production runs at the time and - since 2020 - also on a custom made basis. You may want to discover more about TZD Custom Atelier service here.

Last but not least, we have a meticulous attention to materials, details and quality which means our jewels are crafted to last and made to stay with you for the years to come.


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