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Why TZD? (Product description)

Born from a solid collaboration between designers and artisans, our jewels at tredici.zerodue are truly handmade using traditional techniques. We embrace a slow fashion attitude, dedicated to creating forever treasures through sustainable practices.

But how do we achieve this?

Firstly, we design timeless jewels—pieces that seamlessly become a part of your style and that you'll love indefinitely.

Then, we bring these designs to life with meticulous attention to materials, details, and quality. Crafted from solid silver, our jewels boast a dense and surprisingly weighty feel, ensuring their durability over time and making them companions for the years to come.

We are committed to local production, working closely with Indonesian manufacturers to preserve traditional craftsmanship and support the communities we engage with. Simultaneously, we are conscientious about our production footprints, striving to minimize our environmental impact in delivering our jewels to you.

In our pursuit of a sustainable approach, our jewels are crafted in small production runs and, since 2020, are also available on a custom-made basis. Discover more about our TZD Custom Atelier service here.