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SHADOW Ear Jackets

 Materials: solid 925 sterling silver, smoky quartz

Dimension: adjustable length 1.9 cm or 2.3 cm

Weight: 9.4


The SHADOW Ear Jackets instantly elevate your style. Undeniably unusual and noticeable, it really makes a gasp. It features a smoky quartz octagon cut set on hammered, oxidized settings and matched with hammered, oxidized spheres. They have an adjustable length to fit and adorn any kind of earlobe. A very versatile piece, you can wear the quartz studs on their own or style the sphere jackets with your other stud earrings. A dark, textured addition to your earrings collection. Pair it with the SHADOW Ring.


This piece is handmade by artisan hands, it is blessed with little touches and every small imperfection makes it one of a kind. Would you like to gold plate or customise this piece? Email and we will do our best to make you happy. 

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